David Simmons the owner and instructs all of the classes listed here on Texas CHL. David is a Texas Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor with DPS to instruct Concealed Carry to qualify for your Texas LTC, Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor (CFP) as well as Florida Certified Concealed Weapon or Firearm Instructor (CCW). David is also a Life Member and Certified NRA Instructor in the following Disciplines: Home Fire Arms Safety; Pistol; Refuse To Be a Victim; Personal Protection In The Home; Personal Protection Outside The Home; Range Safety Officer; Chief Range Safety Officer, and a Texas Certified Hunter Safety Instructor. Also is a Level 3 and Personal Protection Officer Registered with the State of Texas and is with National Protective Services. He is also a Commander Life Member of Front Sight Firearms Training and has several Certificates from there.
David offers classes not only for Concealed Carry but also for all areas regarding the use and carry of Firearms from the very beginning level to those for wanting more tactical experience. Everyone that carries a gun should know how to use it. In a time for the need to protect yourself and how to clear a malfunction of the Firearm that you are carrying. He is also available for personal instruction for CHL as well Basic Pistol to tactical uses. Call for prices; I set private instruction prices based on individual need basis.
Before you buy a gun if you need help in finding the one that best fits your need and size of your hand, a time can be set with David to go to a range that rents Firearms that you may try first and get the one that best suits you instead of having to start over because of frustration on your part for the wrong fit of your personal protection firearm.

Phone (817) 825-1164

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